High-impact business writing

When you need to get people to sit up and take notice, skilful writing in business can give you a real advantage. In this intensive, practical session, an expert trainer will demonstrate to your team how to write with real impact, enabling your team to get their documents to the top of the pile.

From proposal writing, reports, letters and emails, through to more bespoke documents, each course will be tailored and fine-tuned to your specific organisational needs.

During our engaging and highly effective one-day business-writing session, topics your team will learn from can include:-

  • Setting a clear objective
  • Building a logical structure
  • Getting your key messages across
  • Choosing an appropriate style
  • Establishing and building rapport
  • Keeping readers reading
  • Making your writing more readable
  • Writing confidently and clearly
  • Constructing sound, clear sentences
  • Using punctuation logically and helpfully
  • Being sure of your grammar
  • Leaving a positive last impression

Download our High-impact business writing course PDF leaftlet, including a course outline. For more information about how we can help your team write better business documents, talk to us on +44 (0)1273 732 888 or send us a message.

How we’ll tailor this course for your team

We will closely analyse the documents you have now, so we can customise examples and exercises to help solve your team’s recurring issues. Our trainer’s analysis will show you which skills you need to focus on to achieve the greatest impact.

We’ll then work with you to build a version of this course that reflects the areas your team need the most help on. If you have a particularly specialist writing need not covered, we will even work with you to create new modules (or even an entire course) from scratch.

Expert trainers

All our trainers are experts in writing for business, with a background in industries where writing is the main focus. So they are well equipped to handle even the trickiest business-writing queries and offer practical advice.

Each must go through rigorous selection and training processes, and pass a six-stage series of tests, before we consider them qualified to work for you.

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Supporting you after the course

We provide a year’s phone and email support after the course, so you can return to your desk confident you’ll continue to get the help you need. You’ll able to tackle your next document with peace of mind, knowing that whatever your query, you’ll be within easy reach of the solution.

Great value to your organisation

In tough economic times, we know you need to see a real return on your investment. So we aim to always cram as much value as possible into your courses. Perhaps this is why so many of our clients tell us they experience a significant improvement in the day-to-day writing skills within their teams after comissioning a bespoke Emphasis course.

What are the results?

Our tried and tested approach results in a tailored business writing
course that engages delegates on the day, and that makes it clear how they can apply a technique to their own documents.

We're here to help.

Call +44 (0)1273 732 888 or send us a message for expert advice on how best to help your team write better documents.