Communication Lab 6: life without email

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55 minutes

Fed up with email? Learn how to ditch it altogether from special guest Luis Suarez.  He relies almost exclusively on social media for business communication, despite having a senior role in IBM and living in the Canary Islands.

Plus: soon you really will be able to work and walk at the same time, as Google announces a heads-up display for all; and a gun that shuts people up. It’s all in the latest Communication Lab podcast.

Further reading

Hear something you want to know more about? Here are some useful links.

Luis blogs at and you can watch the video he mentions at

The three main social media he uses are:

•  IBM connections for internal company communications
•  Twitter for immediacy
•  Google+ for in-depth conversations and brainstorming

Here are some links to the article on Atos chief executive Thierry Breton’s ban on internal email, a piece in The Atlantic on the evolution of email, and a mini-review of Fluent by Lifehacker.

If you too are feeling the iPad love, check out this article on how it is accelerating the move away from printing. And for fun, here are the heads-up glasses and the silencing gun.

We’d love to hear what you thought of Luis’s recommendations about moving away from email. If you decide to adopt any of his practices, why not tweet him (@elsua), Rob (@Robert_Ashton), Andy (@doctorpod) and Emphasis (@EmphasisWriting), using the hashtag #lawwe and let us know how you get on?

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