Management-speak: bull fighter

Management-speak is one of the biggest irritations in modern office life, regularly appearing near the top of surveys on workplace annoyances.

What is management-speak?

It isn’t quite the same as jargon, which, as a specialist language, can provide clarity and be a useful shorthand when used in the right context. Management-speak, on the other hand, is associated with pomposity, evasiveness, unoriginal thought and even dishonesty. In one survey, employees from various large companies confessed that they often used longwinded buzzwords and buzz phrases, even if they didn’t really understand them, when they hadn’t done their jobs properly – to disguise their failings and bluff their way out of it.

Why you should ditch it

The language you use will inevitably help others build up a picture of who you are and what your business is about. If you want your associates to see you as competent, trustworthy and clear-thinking, your writing style should reflect that.

Use our bull-busting PDF guide to rid your writing of clichés, duplicitous-sounding terms and unnecessary words.  To download it, click on the bull below.

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