Proofreading challenge: and the winners are …

Once again, thanks to everyone who took on the challenge. You’ve made us so proud (*dabs tear*).

And, in a dramatic photo finish, we’ve ended up with seven – rather than five – winners.

Congratulations to:

Darren Castle
Fiona Miles
Steve Jones
Alex King
Colette Bernhardt.

To each receive your copy of The Write Stuff, please email me your postal address: I’m at the other end of

To the rest of you lovely people who took part, if you’d like to know your score, demand a recount or challenge a point, post a comment or drop an email to

And here’s the solution:

From: Anna Gooding
To: All office staff
Subject: The need for proofreading

Hi everybody

As you’re probably aware, it’s become apparent that weve recently been sending out a lot of letters and emails with a number of typos typos in them. There is no excuse for this this and it really can’t go on, as it makes us look utterley utterly unprofessional.

From now on, lets make sure that nothing is sent out without first being proofread (this includes email). To begin with, Id like to see how we get on checking each others work. If neccessary necessary, we may look into some training.

If anyone has any questions about this, please bring them up at the staff on meeting on  Tuesday.

Many thanks


It’s worth noting that, even without the typos, the fictitious Ms Gooding is not a paragon of perfect communication. She could stand a bit of sub-editing (which those of you who had a go at rewriting clearly felt too).

Be sure to come back tomorrow for some quick tips on the art of proofreading.

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