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It's what we do and what we love – from improving an individual’s presentation or writing skills to transforming the communications of your entire organisation.

About us

Who we are

25 years of better writing birthday cake and bannerWe’ve been training companies and individuals in how to make their writing work for 25 years. Some would call that a success.

But a successful learning company is only as good as its people. So we make sure our trainers and business-writing consultants have a strong background in professional writing and communications – just as many of our office staff do.

We’re English-language teachers, journalists, publishers, writers and editors. Our backgrounds give us the depth of knowledge to tackle even the most complex writing and communication challenges.

Although our trainers are all business-writing specialists in their own right, they still have to complete a detailed trainer-training programme themselves before they can work with our clients. So when you work with us, you can be certain it will be with someone who knows their subject and who can transfer their knowledge sensitively and effectively.

Emphasis are already the UK’s number-one provider of business-writing training. And we’re on our way to becoming one of the world’s leading communications learning specialists.

We’ve built our reputation on providing high-quality, high-impact business-writing courses for companies and individuals, both through live courses and online. In response to demand from our clients, we now offer a wider portfolio of communications learning and consultancy services, such as our unique presentation-skills training.

Since we started out in 1998, we’ve helped more than 80,000 people from over 1,000 blue-chip companies, government departments, consultancies, law firms, universities, charities, accountancy firms, pharmaceutical companies and construction firms – in fact, anywhere where effective communication plays a key role.

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What we do

We combine our love of communications and the English language with a passion for the science of learning. This helps us to deliver training and consultancy that makes a real, measurable impact.

We provide an extensive range of communications and business-writing training, including presentation skills, effective email writing, bid writing and writing for the web.

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Do you have a challenge that is specific to your industry or organisation? If so, we can tailor the learning to match any specific training need in communications or writing.

We also offer advice and support on communications to both your internal and external audiences, designed to help save you time and money.

Our training methods include:

  • face-to-face tailored courses for companies
  • face-to-face open courses for individuals
  • online learning
  • remote learning, using the latest web technology
  • blended learning, combining the methods above.

All our programmes are highly interactive and engaging. Participants often tell us in feedback that they were surprised how enjoyable they found the course – and how quickly the time went.


How we do it

Our approach to learning is unique. It is highly analytical and methodical, which is particularly unusual in this area of learning and development.

We believe in getting to know both you and your organisation in detail so that we can create training that is unique to you. We back this up with our deep understanding of the latest learning research and techniques.

We apply our diagnostic tools to understand each individual’s current level of communication skills. For example, our analysis tool helps us identify and quantify each delegate’s writing strengths and weaknesses before the course even begins. We also tailor all our in-house training to the people who’ll be receiving it, by building bespoke exercises using real-life examples of your organisation’s documents.

Just as important is our commitment to analysis and measurement after the training, so that we know we are delivering results that are aligned to your business objectives.

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Cyber Essentials Plus certification

Cyber Essentials Certified Plus badge with checkmarkIt’s important to us that you feel confident in sharing any documentation and delegate details with us. That’s why we’re always happy to sign an NDA. It’s also why we’re certified to Cyber Essentials Plus standards. This independently verified certification is your assurance of the steps we’ve taken to ensure our cyber security, so you can be happy that any information you share with us is safe.


Proud living wage employer

Living Wage logoWe’re proud supporters of the campaign for the living wage in Brighton and Hove, UK – home to our head office.

As a service-based organisation, we are nothing without our people. So treating our staff well has always made not just moral sense but business sense too. This includes providing a positive working environment and generous benefits. But it also means paying all staff – including interns – at least enough to live on.

We firmly believe that the latter is a basic requirement and would encourage all organisations to become living wage employers.


Accredited, high-performing learning provider

CPD Member, the CPD Certification ServiceWe are a registered provider with the CPD Certification Service, who work with organisations to ensure the highest standards in further learning for anyone pursuing continued professional development.

The service accredits our e-learning and scheduled courses for individuals.

The same core modules from these accredited courses are the basis for all our bespoke in-house training programmes. You can also talk to us about gaining CPD accreditation for the tailored training we design and deliver for you.