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Discover how to maximise your scores and identify gaps through a dry-run evaluation of your proposal
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How it works

It’s frighteningly easy to miss out on a high-value contract by a hair. To avoid this, one of our experts can take your bid through a dry-run evaluation. This will allow you to address any gaps and make sure you maximise scores before you submit it.

We will ask you to supply the tender documents, your draft responses and your win plan (or an overview of your win strategy). Our bid consultant will then review the entire proposal or agreed key sections and use a structured, tailored approach that emulates your prospect’s evaluation process.

We’ll share our assessment of the current likely score, based on our experience and our understanding of the customer and your competitors. And we’ll identify your best opportunities for earning higher marks by using the customer’s evaluation process and weightings.

We can also work with your bid manager to prioritise the activity that will maximise scores before the submission deadline.

How long will it take?

This will depend on the details of your bid, including the submission size, evaluation process and stage of the draft responses.

Where does it happen?

We will perform this service remotely.

What are the next steps?

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