60-second fix: Do you write Kind regards or Kind Regards?

Kind regards When you’ve finished an email, all you need is a friendly, professional sign off. And there’s one popular choice.

That choice is ‘Kind regards’. For most work emails, it’s hard to go wrong with this. It’s succinct and it’s professional.

Yet every week, I get emails from people who sign off like this:

‘Kind Regards’.

So how do you write it? Do you capitalise both words or only the first one?

Well, this is an easy one to fix. You definitely only need to capitalise the first letter, like this: ‘Kind regards’.

The same rule applies to any email sign-off, whether you use one word or five. You capitalise only the first letter:

Many thanks
Best wishes
Thanks and best wishes
With thanks and best wishes

Speaking of which, if you’re confused about which sign-offs are okay, and which are a professional no-no, read our article on the best ways to start and finish an email.

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