A step-by-step guide to professional-looking tables

Tables are a staple of many business documents – from management accounts to a marketing plan or an activity update. And most people know how to create a table in Word.

What you may not know is how easily you can take your tables from basic (and boring) to impressive and eye-catching.

Transform your tables

Tables in published journals usually look far superior to those in the average business document.

But it is perfectly possible to transform Word’s default tables into ones that are every bit as impressive as those produced by the big publishers. And in doing so, you can really lift your documents, to make them much more engaging.

You can do this without stepping outside of Word. And – here’s the best bit – you don’t need a degree in graphic design or to be a Microsoft Office ninja to do so. Far from it.

Watch the video to see how you can transform your tables, step by step:



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