Reader-profile questionnaire

That business writing should be centred on the reader’s needs is not exactly earth-shattering news. But putting this maxim into practice is a different matter altogether.

Reader-centred writing

If you’re like most people, you’re much more likely to be focused on your own needs – such as impressing your manager or getting the task of writing the email or report off your to-do list – than on those of your audience. So you need to take definitive action to switch yourself out of this default position.

Nor is it enough to identify the areas of the subject that are going to be most useful to the reader(s). You also need to gauge their likely level of interest. And, of course, if they have very little interest in the subject, you will need to work extra hard to grab and keep their attention.

You can find out more about grabbing and keeping attention on our courses. But for now, you can download our free reader-profile questionnaire to help you focus on the needs of your audience.

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