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The complete business writer (online)

CPD accreditation
This e-learning is CPD accredited (12 teaching and learning hours).

Who is it for?
Any professional who has to write anything at work.

Note this page refers to the in-company version. If you’d like access just for yourself, click here.

What level is it for?
This e-learning programme is relevant to all levels of seniority in an organisation, from CEOs and managers through to graduates and apprentices.

When and where
Whenever you want and wherever you (or your team) are: this is online training available on demand.

You and your team will be able to access the e-learning whether or not you have your own learning management system (LMS). If you do have an LMS, we’ll work with you to transfer across the 52 lessons. As all content is SCORM compliant, this is an easy process. If you don’t have an LMS, we can provide your team access to the e-learning on our own system.

Course length
The course contains 52 short, engaging lessons. There’s around 8 hours of content in total, with each lesson taking around 5–15 minutes to complete.

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The complete business writer is an online business-writing course for everyone who writes at work. Whether you (or your team) write reports, emails, customer letters or proposals, it will help you to transform your writing – and your experience of writing – in manageable and enjoyable steps. It covers all elements of writing, from the moment you start researching a document to the final proofreading.

It is a fully comprehensive online course in its own right, broken down into individual bite-size e-learning lessons that each has a specific focus. It can also be used to supplement any of our face-to-face training courses.

The course is CPD accredited and represents 12 teaching and learning hours that your team can count towards their ongoing professional development.

Users will learn how to:

beat procrastination and get started
unlock their knowledge and marshal it to plan and structure their documents
create readable, targeted documents that get their message across
avoid and fix the most common grammar and punctuation mistakes
send engaging emails and letters
deliver winning documents that get results.

The training will help your organisation to:

improve customer service
increase sales and enhance stakeholder relationships
save time through managers not having to correct their team’s writing
make efficient use of training budgets
upskill employees in a fun and engaging way
deliver training anytime, anywhere.


Try it for yourself:

Demo 1: How to make your message easier to absorb by putting the main clause first.

Demo 2: How to make your writing more concise, clear and direct by using verbs instead of nouns.

You can download the full list of lessons here.

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