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Short, targeted online sessions to engage and educate your people
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Why webinars?

Webinars are an ideal option when you want to extend learning to a larger number of your staff – no matter how distributed your people are. They’re a great vehicle for engaging people and for spreading insights and messaging across teams or a whole organisation efficiently – via short, intensive sessions.

Our bespoke, interactive webinars can also be a taster for half- or full-day courses, or they can be combined into a blended programme with e-learning, writing analysis or coaching to make the learning stick.

What we do

Like all our training, we start with you and what you’re looking to achieve. To ensure the content is relevant, we can tailor it to fit with your team’s or organisation’s documents and even incorporate your communication plan and style guidance. We can also adapt to the best platform available to you.

No-one wants to sit through a dull and passive lecture. So we make sure every webinar is content-packed and interactive. As well as being guided through tailored material by one of our specialist consultants, attendees will take part in live polls and demonstrations, and they’ll have the chance to put their questions direct to the expert.

How we do it

After consulting with you on your team’s challenges and goals, we can identify the topics that will meet your objectives. We can run webinars on any of our training areas, including:

– Report writing for results
– Persuasive bids and proposals
– Virtual communications for remote teams
– Effective email writing
– Creating inspiring thought leadership articles
– Engaging internal communications
– Perfect grammar and punctuation

We can focus on one of these areas in a targeted 60–90-minute session, or we can combine topics that fit your needs in an extended, customised session of up to three hours. You can choose to run a one-off session or a whole programme of webinars to offer your colleagues a range of options that will meet their individual needs.

Who we've done this for

We’ve recently run a series of webinars with both Chubb and Deutsche Bank, which included these sessions:

Virtual communications masterclass
A session which empowers remote teams to do their best work. We cover content on:
– picking your channel
– getting the tone right
– writing clearly and avoiding misunderstandings
– building relationships and trust
– planning, running and managing virtual meetings.

Writing high-impact emails
This session ensures that important messages won’t be lost or misconstrued in overlong and poorly structured emails. Topics include:
– using subject lines to get your emails opened
– how to get the reader on-side from the beginning
– finding the most effective structure
– writing clearly
– expressing empathy
– guiding the reader to take the right action.

Readability masterclass
Here we show international teams how to get their ideas across clearly and simply. We outline techniques including:
– how to make writing reader-centred
– simplifying without ‘dumbing down’
– choosing the right words to make an impact
– the best way to write for a global audience.

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