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Integrating individual analysis and coaching into learning programmes
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What are coaching clinics?

Coaching clinics are intensive one-to-one sessions between one of our expert trainers and each delegate from a training programme. They are how we introduce and guide participants through the results of the analysis we perform on each individual’s writing.

Your team will learn a lot in their tailored training. Expert guidance from one of our specialist trainers will introduce them to the learning points, and interactive, practical exercises will ensure they know how to put them to use.

But it’s in the one-to-one feedback on a sample of their own writing that they’ll see exactly how what they’ve learned applies to them. They’ll understand where to place their focus and how they can quickly put the right techniques into practice to make rapid improvements. It’s this personalised analysis that clients regularly tell us gave them their ‘aha’ moment.

What we do

We run two kinds of coaching clinics. One is tied to the initial training and guides the delegate through the results of the first analysis on their writing. The second is part of a post-course follow-up, where analysis of a second piece of writing explores how the learner is implementing the techniques. At the same time, this intervention also allows us to identify and target any ongoing problem areas.

Before any training, we ask individuals to submit an example of their writing, usually around 500 words. It can be any kind of document or email – whatever best shows how they typically write at work.

We then use our unique process to analyse this writing sample according to 15 key areas. This gives us a score in each writing area and tells us exactly what each person should focus on as a priority.

Comparative analysis graph

For post-course coaching clinics, we request a second sample six to ten weeks after the initial training and analyse it against the same 15-point criteria. We then create a before-and-after graph of the results – showing precisely the points that still need work (as well as how much the initial course has improved things).

How we do it

During the one-to-one session, each delegate will have 30–40 minutes dedicated one-to-one time with their expert trainer. The trainer will take them through the analysis (or comparative analysis) and coach them on how to target and improve on their weaker areas and build their skills.

The one-to-one format also means delegates can feel comfortable asking any questions in complete confidence.

We run the coaching sessions remotely, using your preferred online platform. This allows screen and document sharing, providing the best collaborative experience between the delegate and trainer.

What our delegates say

‘The feedback I received for my technical writing was fantastic. There were so many annotations and comments. This will really help me with all future writing tasks.’
– Celia Wighton, Radioactive Waste Management

‘Great feedback on things I hadn’t noticed with my own work.’
– Freya Evans, London Business School

‘Exceeded expectations with really useful techniques to take away. Especially appreciated the analysis of my work.’
– Amy Bannister, Wandle Housing Association

‘The analysis was an eye-opener and I feel I have some good tools to address the areas I need to.’
– Eilidh Medley, Equinix

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