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Why business-writing services?

It won’t surprise you to learn that we believe great business writing matters.

Writing is everywhere – and yet it’s easy to be blind to the fact. You also probably don’t think of yourself as a writer. But for most of us, writing is how we make our work happen.

And we’re all exposed to – and creating – more writing than ever before. It’s often how we make our first impression, whether via our LinkedIn profile, a cold email or our company website. We use writing to create a brand or express our organisation’s values – and the value we can offer. We create written content to influence thinking and persuade people to our point of view. Through writing, we share news, reassure stakeholders and inspire action.

Writing matters because your work matters.

Here at Emphasis, we train people from all industries and sectors to write more effectively, so they can work more effectively.

But we can also do the writing for you. Sometimes you don’t have the time, resources or specialist in-house expertise to take on the writing yourself. That’s where we can help.

What we do

Our team of professional writers always join us with ten or more years’ experience in journalism, publishing or copywriting. With a clear understanding of what you’re looking to achieve, they can produce:

– thought leadership
– white papers
– factsheets and informational content
– blog posts and articles
– website copy
– press releases
– presentations and speeches.

They can also contribute ideas on formatting, including making suggestions on images, photography and captions.

By consulting with you through the writing process, our writers will create content in your organisation’s voice and style, and tailored to your audience.

How we do it

Every project starts the same way: with close consultation. We’ll always begin by making sure we understand you and your organisation – your goals and challenges, your audience (or audiences) and their needs. And we’ll take the time to get to know your company voice and style, and your objectives for the content you want us to write.

We’ll agree the project’s scope, timeframe, process and budget with you up front, then our writer will get to work. You’ll be in touch with them throughout, with the opportunity to look at initial drafts and provide feedback to ensure you’re happy with the final result.

And if you provide us with company materials to work from, you can be confident that we’ll treat everything in the strictest confidence. We’re always happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

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What can our professional business-writing services help you achieve?

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