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Why writing analysis?

Everyone in a team will have their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to writing. It’s critical that we understand what these are so we can focus on the areas that really need attention, achieving maximum impact.

That’s why our writing analysis is an integral part of every training programme, whether it is face-to-face training, remote learning or a blended learning solution.

It’s a method unique to Emphasis that’s successfully helped over 60,000 professionals across the world to transform their writing.

What we do

Before any training begins, we ask individuals to submit an example of their business writing, typically around 500 words. It could be a work email or letter, a section of a report or some copy they have written for the company website – whatever they typically write at work.

We then use our unique process to analyse this writing sample according to 15 key writing areas. This gives us a score in each writing area and tells us exactly what each person should focus on as a priority.

The trainer will review the analysis before the course. This means they will have a solid understanding of the writing issues of every one of your people – from the very start of the programme.

We’re certified to Cyber Essentials Plus standards. This independently verified certification is your assurance of the steps we’ve taken to ensure our cyber security, so you can be confident that any information you share with us is safe.

How we do it

Once we have analysed the writing samples, our trainers will tailor the programme to make sure it addresses the key areas highlighted by the analysis.

During the training itself, the trainer can set different exercises for individuals based on how they scored. The trainer will also give personal feedback from the analysis directly to individuals during the training day. (We know that writing can be a sensitive subject, so this is done one to one, and results are not shared with the group.)

While the training will include group exercises, we also allow sufficient time for individuals to concentrate on areas they really need to.

Who we've done this for

Our writing analysis has helped more than 60,000 delegates across 6,000 organisations in 32 countries to transform their writing at work.

Here’s what some of our clients have said:

‘We chose Emphasis because they really “got it” – from the writing samples we provided, they really understood what we needed and what our issues were.’

– Mary Jean Pritchard, Publishing Manager, The King’s Fund

‘Getting feedback on the writing samples was useful and a good way to see how the lessons taught are put into practice.’

– Christina Davies, Project Manager, Esri

‘The analysis was an eye-opener and I feel I have some good tools to address the areas I need to.’

– Eilidh Medley, Bid Manager, Equinix

‘The marking and analysis of our submissions was a great and enlightening feature.’

– Jonathan Harrison, Actuary, Royal London Group

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