Executive coaching

The premium option for professionals

From communicating ideas without pointless waffle to maintaining good relationships, good writing remains a key business survival skill. Yet, throughout their working lives, professionals often have to rely solely on techniques they learned at school and university.

As careers progress, worries about punctuation and grammar or uncertainties about writing business documents often go unaddressed. (And it’s an issue that seems to get harder to raise the longer you leave it.) In such cases, our one-to-one coaching is the answer. It will equip you with the confidence and ability to tackle business-writing with ease – no matter what you need to write.

Unparalleled flexibility

One-to-one coaching from Emphasis offers flexible, confidential, tailor-made training anywhere in the world – even at short notice. It’s particularly suited to executives or for tackling problems that might be difficult to address in a group setting.

We develop one-to-one programmes to meet your exact needs. And we deliver the programmes worldwide. Whether you want training face-to-face or remotely using GoTo Meeting, we’ll work to your deadlines and can even run programmes during evenings and weekends.

Personalised training

Working one-to-one with an expert trainer means you’ll learn as quickly and efficiently as possible. You’ll benefit from feedback on samples of writing you provided before the coaching, quantifying your strengths and weaknesses with our unique 15-point writing analysis. The result is targeted learning that concentrates on your weaknesses and quickly builds your skills. You’ll also have the privacy to ask questions that you may feel uncomfortable asking in a group.

Case study: tailored coaching in annual report writing

‘I write my organisation’s annual report – a massive task that involves stitching together and rewriting input from up to 30 people. I used three one-on-one sessions with my trainer to work on key sections of the year’s report. It really helped to tighten up my writing style, give the report a unique voice and make it engaging and readable. It was also a great way to get some detailed feedback from an informed reader. I use all the tips and techniques I learnt with Emphasis in my day to day work.

‘Everyone at Emphasis was helpful and friendly and the training was easy to book, even at short notice. I hope to be back for some top-up training soon.’
– Hazel Bedford, IFAD.

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We’d be delighted to speak to you about your needs, and discuss how one-to-one business-writing coaching can quickly deliver a return on investment. Talk to us on +44 (0)1273 732 888 or send us a message.