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Why editing and proofreading services?

There are many reasons you’d choose to have a professional editor work on your company documents.

You may want to make sure that the information is presented effectively, with a message that is as clear as it can be for the intended audience. You might want to guarantee the writing consistently reflects your company style and brand tone of voice. And you may simply want to be confident that your documents are accurate – as small errors can have outsized consequences, whether that’s undermining a customer’s trust or even leaving you exposed to financial penalties.

Every writer can benefit from a good editor. And both internal and external communications will benefit from a professional’s fresh perspective and expert eye – from your policies, procedures and intranet content to client reports, proposals and website copy.

Our editing services will give you the reassurance that your written communications are working as hard as they can to achieve your goals.

What we do

We offer a flexible range of document editing and proofreading services, which we’ll tailor to your organisation:

One of our experienced professional editors will help you get the best from your documents or online copy. They’ll ensure your message is clear and the content is correct, concise and consistent – and that your readers will be inspired to take notice (and action).

Editing plus feedback
Adding in feedback is a great way to turn the editing process into a learning experience as well. With this service, alongside your reworked document, we’ll take you through the reasoning behind the edits. Understanding what has changed and why will help you to write more effectively in the future.

Basic errors can damage your credibility or undermine your entire message. Our proofreading service will make sure your copy is well formatted and error free.

We have extensive experience in designing and editing document templates. If you need to create documents like bids or customer letters again and again, templates will save you time and ensure you start from a firm foundation every time. We can help you to create new templates or edit and optimise your existing ones.

How we do it

We begin by consulting closely with you. We’ll learn what you want your documents to achieve and the challenges you’re facing. And we’ll make sure we understand the audience you’re writing for, your company style and your tone of voice.

Once we’re clear about your objectives, our specialist editors will get to work to help you achieve them.

You’ll receive your edited content marked up with Track Changes, so you can see everything that has changed and the effect. If you choose to add targeted feedback to the edit, we’ll deliver that in a write-up or on a call between you and your editor.

We guarantee we will treat everything you send us in the strictest confidence, and we’re always happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. So you can send any sensitive documents to us with complete peace of mind.

If you’re interested in discussing an editing project with us, get in touch to let us know the details and we can provide you with a quote.

Who we've done this for

Our editing services are used by many organisations in the UK and beyond to get the best from their business-critical communications.

Our expert editors have helped:

Marks & Spencer
rewrite and optimise their customer letter templates

edit all their HR policies, making them clearer and easier to apply

edit and strengthen their bids for key public-sector contracts

Cambridgeshire County Council
with a full edit of their annual report.

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