Editing for companies

Our corporate editing service gives you complete peace of mind when you need to be certain a document will hit the mark.

It’s now used by many top organisations who want to leave nothing to chance. Recently our expert editors have helped:

Marks & Spencer – customer letter templates;

HSBC – all HR policies, to make them clearer and so easier to apply;

EMCOR UK –  bids for key public-sector contracts;

Cambridgeshire County Council – full edit of their annual report.

Listening to your needs

We consult closely with you from the beginning. We’ll learn what you want your documents to achieve, and help you diagnose the problems you’re having now. Once we’re clear about your objectives, our specialist editors will then get to work.

Expert help

The editing itself is by our hand-picked team of business-writing specialists. Each of our editors understands the business-specific editing secrets to make your organisation’s documents excel. So whatever your document needs to achieve, from winning new business to communicating clearly with your customers, we can help.

Template design

As well as editing existing documents, we have extensive experience designing document templates. So if you need to create documents like bids and customer letters again and again, you can ensure you start from a firm foundation every time.

Custom style guide

We can also help your entire organisation find its voice with a bespoke style guide. Working with you, we’ll ensure your entire organisation has a common reference point on everything from tone of voice to points of style.

Complete confidentiality

We guarantee we will treat everything you send us in strictest confidence, and we are happy to a sign a non-disclosure agreement – so you can send any sensitive documents to us with complete peace of mind.

We're here to help

Call +44 (0)1273 732 888 or send us a message to learn how we can help your organisation produce first-class documents.