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Why blended learning?

Blended learning is where traditional face-to-face or instructor-led training is combined with online interventions or digital learning resources.

Research has shown that this approach can enhance learning and how much learners engage, usually focusing on higher education. But the theory applies equally well to employees looking to upskill as to students at university. And the benefits apply at least as much in today’s pressured workplace – where time can be short and learning must fit in with the realities of work.

We also know that writing is not something you can completely change in a day or two. You can learn the transformative techniques – but you’ll also need ongoing support to put them into practice. That’s why we offer a range of online and digital options to help delegates integrate their new skills into their work.

So, as well as fitting with our best understanding of how people learn, we can also make sure our programmes fit with your employees’ busy schedules and provide training that they can readily apply in their roles.

What we do

The core of our training offering is our in-house courses. These highly engaging and interactive sessions give your team the benefit of a full day (or two) of face time with one of our expert trainers, plus practical exercises and materials tailored to your organisation.

We keep group size to no more than ten to allow plenty of time for one-to-one attention, and each delegate receives personalised feedback on their writing sample.

If you have time or budget considerations, we can also offer shorter interventions to suit your needs, from half-day courses to large-group seminars and lunch-and-learn sessions. We can also deliver all our courses remotely.

Whichever instructor-led training you opt for, your team can get the further support they need to make the changes permanent with online coaching, bespoke webinars and e-learning. You can license our full reference library of e-lessons, which delivers the key techniques from our flagship courses in bite-size, entertaining microlearning. We can also prescribe specific lessons based on your team’s key challenges, and even create bespoke content that meets your unique challenges.

How we do it

All our in-company programmes start with us consulting closely with you.

We make sure we understand your organisation and how your team’s written communications relate to your challenges and goals, as well as any scheduling and budgetary requirements you have. Then we recommend a learning programme with the best combination of sessions to meet your needs.

Off-the-shelf courses don’t get the same results as training that’s tailored to your organisation, style and typical documents. So we request examples of your organisation’s communications to build the training materials around – as well as the individual writing samples which allow for targeted feedback for every attendee.

Who we've done this for

Most of our in-house training programmes are blended, with many clients – including London Business School, Deloitte and Ofcom – choosing to follow up their in-person courses with our e-learning library, The complete business writer. With access to these short, engaging online lessons, delegates have a point-of-need reference they can use to continually reinforce and build on the techniques they learned on the day.

Other examples of our blended programmes include:

Sport England licensed our e-learning library following in-person courses showing delegates how to structure and deliver concise and effective board reports.

The Entrepreneur’s Organization‘s programme included a one-day writing-skills course, access to our e-learning library and bespoke e-learning sessions. We designed the project to introduce their new style guide, which we also helped them to write.

Linklaters followed up a two-day Writing winning pitches course with remote coaching sessions and further writing analysis for each delegate. This allowed them to track their progress and cement the learning back at their desks through intensive online one-to-ones with the trainer.

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