Our approach

The Emphasis Method

This five-stage approach provides you with learning that makes a difference. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years, with more than 1,000 organisations, and it works. That’s why more than 90% of organisations rate our training as 9/10 or above.

1 Fundamentals

All of our learning is based on solid foundations:

  • Passion for effective communications We’re English language teachers, journalists, publishers, writers and editors. Our backgrounds give us the depth of knowledge to tackle even the most complex writing and communications challenges. And even with their specialist experience, our trainers go through a six-month training period with us before they start running our courses.
  • Love of the English language We love writing, we love writing about writing and we love training people to communicate well. Our blog posts receive over one million views a year as people turn to us for advice on all areas of communications and writing.
  • Understanding the science of learning We take time to work out how people think. Our approach is evidence-based neuroscience and psychology, not pseudoscience.


2 Analysis

Understanding your culture, vision and values
It’s really important for us to get to know what you do and how you work. This means we can make our learning relevant, including using specific examples and case studies built from genuine examples of your documents in our training.

Pre-course writing and communication exercises
We apply our diagnostic tools to understand each individual’s current level of communication or writing skills before any learning takes place.

For example, our analysis tool helps us identify and quantify each delegate’s writing strengths and weaknesses, so our trainers know which areas need more work. You can learn more about our unique analysis here.

3 Learning

Using the results of our analysis, we tailor our training so that it matches your specific requirements. We can also deliver it using whatever method suits you:

  • Face to face Traditional in-person learning, delivered by hand-picked trainers at a venue that’s convenient for you, anywhere in the world.
  • Remote learning Using the latest web technology to help you save money through reduced travel costs.
  • Online Interactive and engaging lessons, accessible anytime, anywhere. See the world’s most comprehensive business-writing e-learning package here.
  • Blended approach Combine these methods for a fully tailored learning programme for your organisation.


4 Support

After delegates have completed the training, our support continues, to help fully embed the learning in the workplace. This includes:

  • Post-course helpdesk Forgotten how to do something? Drop us a line and our team of learning advisers will help.
  • Access to trainers Need to ask your trainer a question? Our delegates can contact our trainers after the course for further advice and support.
  • Follow-up courses Want to learn more? Develop your skills in other areas to complement what you have learned.


5 Outcomes

This process is designed with one key objective in mind: to create a demonstrable impact in your organisation.

Whether it is to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, enhance stakeholder relationships, save money or time or to ensure compliance with strict policies or legislation, we work with you to evaluate the learning to achieve the outcomes you are after.