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Why bid consulting?

If there’s one area in business that shows a clear-cut return on investment, it’s the bids the organisation submits. The bid team may be responsible for sustaining and growing the business by bringing in revenue worth thousands, millions or even billions.

Despite this, bid teams can lack the support they need. Mixed experience and a lack of formal training or resources are common issues. And sometimes they’re just too close to the problem to see how to improve enough to beat the competition.

Writing a bid can be a huge job. And when it comes to getting that win, many factors play a part. From the decision to bid at all to designing the win strategy, communicating the win themes effectively and even the document’s design – every part counts towards your result.

Our bid consulting will support you in the process and help you and your team understand which areas you need to improve in – and how to do it.

What do we do?

Like our training, every consulting project is bespoke and designed to work with your needs to move you towards your goals. We start by getting to know you and your company, where you are now and the challenges you’re facing.

We’ll review previous RFPs/ITTs and your submissions. After we have an understanding of where you are now, we’ll work with you to design the best way forward. Ultimately we’ll ensure you are left with concrete, actionable guidance on every area of the bid process.

All our consulting services focus on improving your chances of winning – by developing a strong win strategy, maximising evaluation marks, improving your team’s reviews and identifying and tackling weak areas. We offer:

– proposal analysis
– strategy development
– key messaging
– developing your value proposition
– review management
– independent review
– project management.

We guarantee we will treat everything you send us in the strictest confidence, and we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. So you can send any sensitive documents to us with complete peace of mind.

How do we do it?

We always start by consulting closely with you. Once we have a clear picture of you, your organisation and the bids you’re working on, we’ll recommend the best consulting programme for your circumstances.

We can provide a range of options to support you and your team, including win strategy, value proposition and key messaging development; review management; and independent proposal reviews. We can also work alongside you throughout the whole bid process to help you tackle a challenging live bid.

And if you’re looking to improve your bid team’s efforts in the long-term, our proposal analysis will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of recent proposals and how to improve future ones. Here, one of our expert bid consultants measures submissions based on:

– compliance
– customer focus
– competitiveness
– persuasiveness
– ease of evaluation
– writing
– design
– structure.

As part of the analysis, we identify specific parts of the proposal where weaknesses are evident. We then discuss these with you to identify the reasons (such as individual capability, lack of time or resources, lack of customer insight).

At the end of the process we’ll give you a detailed report with feedback and recommendations. We can also use this information to create a tailored programme of support to tackle areas for improvement.

Who have we done this for?

We’ve helped companies both large and small to transform their bids, including charity OneYMCA and Roche Diagnostics.

Close consulting on a live bid formed a key part of our work with OneYMCA, alongside a tailored day of training. Our work together led to them winning a £2.9 million contract – the biggest in their history. You can read the case study of our work with them here.

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