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Presentation-writing course for individuals (remote/online)

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As well as the trainer-led remote course, you’ll have the opportunity after the training to submit a presentation (deck, script or recording) for targeted feedback

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This is small-group remote training, with a maximum of eight delegates per course

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Giving presentations is a key part of professional life. It can be crucial to your career progression, whether you are proposing your solution to clients, presenting to the board, or pitching for new business.

You may need to inform, persuade or inspire action. But to achieve your goals, you need more than just confidence: you need a compelling presentation. Writing for an audience is a different skill from writing for the page.

This interactive presentation-writing course will show you how to plan, design and create presentations that engage audiences from the beginning. You’ll also learn how to leave your listeners with a clear and powerful lasting impression – and ready to take the right action.

You’ll discover how to structure a presentation that tells an engaging story, and the language techniques that will make your message memorable and persuasive. And you’ll understand how to transfer their presentation skills online, in order to deliver effective presentations remotely via Zoom or other platforms.

And for up to a year after the training, you can submit a script, slide deck or recording of a presentation for us to analyse and provide feedback on – to support you in putting your new skills into practice.

We run this practical training in groups of no more than eight. We can also provide the training through one-to-one coaching.

By the end of this presentation-writing course, you will know how to:

identify your goals and key message and how to build your content around them
research and plan engaging presentations pitched perfectly for your audience
create a logical flow that carries the audience with you
structure a truly persuasive presentation
start and end strong, and leave the audience with a powerful lasting impression
use memorable, visual language to inform, inspire or persuade
design effective PowerPoint slides to support and enhance your presentation
handle challenging questions from the audience
deliver clear and engaging presentations online, such as over Zoom.

Is this course right for me?

If you’re looking for guidance on how to turn your knowledge into effective and engaging presentations, yes.

We’ve been running remote-learning programmes for over ten years, training over 6,000 people online and continually refining our approach in that time. So you can be confident that this course will be as engaging and effective as one run face to face.

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