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Effective note and minute taking course

Who is it for?
Our note and minute taking courses are ideal for any teams who have to write minutes or notes as part of their roles.

Non-native English speakers on your team? See if our course is suitable.

What level is it for?
Any level. We tailor the content to meet participants’ needs.

When and where
Date arranged around you. We can train at your site, anywhere in the world, or train your team remotely online.

Course length
Flexible. You can run a short course or webinar purely on taking minutes or notes, or you can run a longer session that also covers writing documents and email.

We can train from four people up to your entire organisation. Each session has a maximum of ten delegates. (Why only ten?)

Not exactly what you were looking for?
No problem. We can combine elements from any of our courses to fit your needs exactly.

Your course can also be part of a blended programme that will support your team in changing their writing for good.

The cost will depend on a few different factors. See how our pricing works here.

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It’s easy to underestimate the importance of well-taken notes or minutes. But they’re usually the basis for business-critical documents and communications – and the decisions that go with them.

This means it’s vital that minutes and notes capture key information, and present it succinctly, clearly and accurately. Effective minutes and notes also make it easier and more efficient to create whatever comes next, whether that’s a report, article, email, company update or any other kind of communication.

This practical and interactive meeting-notes writing training will show your team best-practice techniques, including how to prepare for meetings, capture the points that matter and follow up to ensure they have every necessary detail.

You can choose to run this course as a short session focusing purely on effective note- and minute-taking techniques. Or we can run a full-day session that also covers further business-writing skills and how to turn the minutes or notes into high-impact reports, emails or articles. This can also include our unique individual writing analysis.

We can run this course remotely online or in person at your workplace or choice of venue.

By the end of their bespoke training, attendees will know how to:

plan effectively for meetings to ensure they’re prepared
understand their ultimate audience and objectives
use best-practice techniques for taking notes or minutes efficiently
identify the key information that needs capturing
follow up as needed and ensure they don’t miss vital details
use the active voice in notes, minutes and their write-up
apply a consistent style to notes and minutes
write notes and minutes that are easy to turn into reports, articles or updates.

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