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Optimise the bid-writing process and give your team the skills to manage future reviews
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How it works

Reviews are a critical part of keeping the bid-writing process on track and productive as you work towards your next big win. But managing the review process is a task – and a skill – in itself.

First, we will ask for access to your tender documents, so we have a good understanding of the opportunity. Then, to make sure you are hitting the crucial touchpoints, one of our bid experts will work with your bid manager (or another key team member) to schedule reviews into your bid plan.

Reviews in the bid-writing process can include:

win strategy reviews, to ensure your strategy is complete, that it is genuinely focused on the customer decision-makers and that you have a clear action plan that will maximise your chances of winning
competitor reviews (also called black-hat reviews), to evaluate your competition’s strengths and weaknesses and establish how you can use these to beat them
answer-plan reviews (storyboard or pink reviews), to ensure there is a clear plan for each response that will enable authors to implement the win strategy and satisfy the requirements in the RFP
proposal reviews (red-team reviews), to look critically at each response from the evaluator’s perspective and identify the steps that will make the biggest improvements to your evaluation scores.

We’ll help you to plan and manage each review. We will also provide templates and instructions – tailored specifically to you and your opportunity – to ensure the reviews are efficient and effective.

And to leave you in the best position to manage your own review process in the future, we’ll create guidance on how you can tailor these templates and instructions for future opportunities.

How long will it take?

One day is typical. We will be able to confirm how long it will take after our initial consultation with you.

Where does it happen?

We will perform this service remotely.

What are the next steps?

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