Win strategy workshop and win plan development

Develop a tailored and actionable strategy for winning your next opportunity
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How it works

Whether the next opportunity in your sights is worth hundreds of thousands or billions, we can run a workshop that will help you develop a strong and tailored strategy for winning it.

During the workshop, one of our bid experts will work with key members of your bid team to pull out the customer and competitor insights that will drive your strategy. Our consultant will share ideas and make suggestions, but ultimately they will facilitate the critical decisions you’ll need to make at each stage of developing your win strategy.

Through this collaborative process, we will help you to identify:

– the buying customer’s project objectives and their options for achieving them
– the decision-makers and their driving issues
– the key points of competitive differentiation (positive and negative)
– an action plan to develop a compelling solution, commercial offer and proposal.

Following the workshop, we will produce a comprehensive win plan for you. You’ll be able to use this to guide your bid activities and to review how you are implementing your win strategy, ensuring you stay on track towards your goals.

How long will it take?

Usually, this will require 1.5 days of work: one full day for the workshop, plus half a day to create the win plan.

Where does it happen?

We can come to you (or a venue of your choosing) to run the workshop. We can also run it remotely. Where we do this, it will work best if your team members are still gathered together.

What are the next steps?

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