Advanced business writing course

Who is it for?
Experienced professionals looking to achieve more through business writing.

What level is it for?
Senior executives, directors and aspiring managers.

When and where
Date arranged around you. We can train at your site, anywhere in the world, or train your team remotely online.

Course length
Flexible, typically one day.

We train any number, from one-to-one coaching to your entire senior team.

Not exactly what you were looking for?
No problem. We can combine elements from any of our courses so what you get fits your needs exactly.

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Equip your leaders and managers with the advanced writing skills they need to drive your business forward. We’ll precisely tailor the content to your sector, organisation and team, and build highly relevant materials out of genuine examples of documents from your organisation.

A key feature of this course is that all delegates receive our unique pre-course writing analysis. This covers 15 different areas of writing skills and helps us ensure the training meets the delegates’ precise writing needs, improving the areas that will have the biggest business impact.

By the end of the advanced business writing training, your senior executives will be able to:

set clear objectives for their writing
influence key stakeholders
tailor their documents and emails to their audiences for maximum impact
communicate their messages concisely and effectively – first time
improve their teams by giving effective feedback on writing submitted to them
lead their organisation’s tone of voice.

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