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Writing effective strategy documents

Who is it for?
Anyone who has to write or contribute to strategy documents.

Non-native English speakers on your team? See if our course is suitable.

We can also tailor this course to writing strategy documents applying to specific areas of your organisation – such as brand, marketing or IT strategy documents.

What level is it for?
Any level. We’ll tailor the content to participants’ experience and needs.

When and where
Date arranged around you. We can train at your site, anywhere in the world, or train your team remotely online.

Course length
Flexible, typically 3–7 hours. Online training can be split into two shorter sessions.

We can train from four people up to your entire organisation. Each session has a maximum of ten delegates. (Why only ten?)

Not exactly what you were looking for?
No problem. We can combine elements from any of our courses to fit your needs exactly.

Your course can also be part of a blended programme that will support your team in changing their writing for good.

The cost will depend on a few different factors. See how our pricing works here.

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To express a vision and game plan for your organisation, your writing needs to be clear and compelling – an effective strategy document must balance the persuasive with the practical.

On this course, your team will learn how to plan, produce and polish strategy documents that show shareholders, stakeholders or the public where you are, where you’re heading, and exactly how you’ll get there. We’ll create the materials using examples of your organisation’s documents, making sure the training is targeted and relevant.

A key feature of this course is that all delegates receive our unique pre-course writing analysis. This covers 15 different areas of writing skills and helps us ensure the training meets the delegates’ precise writing needs, while ensuring delegates make rapid, targeted improvements.

By the end of the training, attendees will be able to:

plan and structure their document with the readers in mind
tie objectives to concrete actions
create clear, compelling and persuasive writing to inspire and engage
make effective use of figures, data and metrics to stay accountable
write a punchy executive summary that sums up their vision, objectives and strategy
tailor writing to their audience, whether that’s internal, shareholders or the general public
get the best out of strategy document templates
ensure accuracy with correct punctuation and grammar.

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