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Effective virtual communication

Who is it for?
Any distributed team who do most or all of their work remotely via online tools. We can adapt the training to whatever video conferencing and instant messaging platforms you use.

Non-native English speakers on your team? See if our course is suitable.

What level is it for?
Any level. We’ll tailor the content to your needs.

When and where
Date arranged around you. We can train your virtual team remotely online. If you prefer, we can also train in person, anywhere in the world.

Course length
Typically an intensive half-day session. Can also be extended to include more detail on effective online writing, or combined with e-learning, writing analysis and feedback.

We can train from four people up to your entire organisation. Each session has a maximum of ten delegates. (Why only ten?)

Not exactly what you were looking for?
No problem. We can combine elements from any of our courses to fit your needs exactly.

Your course can also be part of a blended programme that will support your team in achieving their goals.

The cost will depend on a few different factors. See how our pricing works here.

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Remote working has many advantages, but it also comes with its own unique set of challenges.

Without sharing office space, colleagues must find new ways to meet, share ideas and collaborate. Lacking the opportunity to pick up on cues like body language, facial expression and tone puts a heavier burden on written communication – and can mean more misunderstandings and bad feeling. And an absence of in-person interaction can lead to team members feeling disconnected, disengaged and isolated.

At the same time, leaders of remote teams must keep their team members feeling motivated and supported, while negotiating cultural or language barriers and different working and communicating styles.

But with a new skill set, effective workflows and an understanding of how to make the most of available tools, your distributed team can thrive in their virtual workplace. This half-day intensive session will equip delegates with the key skills and techniques they need.

We can run this course remotely online or in person at your workplace or choice of venue.

By the end of the training, attendees will be able to:

understand virtual-communication etiquette and tone
establish their message and choose the right channel to share it
communicate key messages clearly
inform, update and persuade with their writing
avoid misunderstandings, plug communication gaps and defuse conflict
run engaging online meetings and collaborate online
use workflows that maintain the flow of information
understand and work with different social styles.

As part of the preparation, we ask delegates to fill in an analysis exercise which identifies their social style. The insights that this questionnaire reveals about each team member will help them relate better to each other remotely and team leaders to better manage and support their colleagues.

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