Becky Dalzell Trainer

Becky Dalzell

New York-based Becky is a writer and researcher with more than 11 years’ experience. Her writing has been featured in The Washington Post, Boston Globe, Afar and 1843, to name but a few. As an Emphasis trainer, she shares her expertise with delegates from organisations including The Big Picture, Deutsche Bank, Entrepreneur’s Organization and Man Group.

Outside of the training room, Becky has a keen interest in history and enjoys finding and sharing the stories that bring it to life for us today. She leads small-group walking tours of Brooklyn which she also designed, highlighting the borough’s architecture, history and urban planning.

Becky has a BA in history and English from the University of Pennsylvania and an MA in urban history from the University of Leicester. She’s our first US-based trainer.

‘Becky is a great facilitator! She made the course go by smoothly and was really helpful and patient.’

Ana Turco Rivas, The Big Picture

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