Emma Amoscato Trainer

Emma Amoscato

Emma is an experienced journalist who has written for The Guardian, The Times and The Independent. She’s also a talented blogger, building a large following from scratch for her personal lifestyle blog. She’s written a bestselling book based on the blog.

Emma’s background in both traditional and online media gives her a keen understanding of how to write engaging copy that captures your readers’ interest.

She brings this expertise to helping professionals with their day-to-day documents – both on our in-person courses (recent clients include Warner Bros and Oracle) and as a presenter on our online writing training.

‘Emma was a lively and engaging presenter who delivered the subject matter in an exciting and interesting way. Excellent technique.’

Lindsay Ventress, Carbon Clear

‘Emma is lovely and because of her positive attitude, everyone felt comfortable to participate. Thank you!’

Teodora Zdravkova, Aon

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