60-second quiz

Two men in office attire fight with boxing glovesOver the past year, we’ve been running a series called 60-second fix in our monthly e-bulletin. Now it’s time to find out whether you’ve been paying attention. Challenge your colleagues to a quick round …

Which spellings are mainly only used in the UK, and therefore best avoided when you’re writing for an international audience?

Which of the following is usually only used in American English?

Which of the following describes a rounded board used by a painter?

Which of the following is used to express similarity?

In British English, there are two spellings of this word. Which one describes the legal sense?

Which of the following means ‘be patient with me’?

Which of the following means ‘carried’, in the past tense?

Which of the following means ‘free of charge’?


How did you get on? Full marks, we hope! Feel free to show off in the comments field below. Also, let us know if you have a quandary you’d like us to do a 60-second fix for in future.

And if you got any wrong and want to revisit the articles, here’s a handy index:

  • Spaces and units
  • Should have or should of
  • Affect and effect
  • Bear and bare
  • Compare to and compare with
  • Complimentary and complementary
  • Different from/to/than
  • Judgement or judgment
  • Lead and led
  • Palate, palette and pallet
  • Rein and reign
  • Spelt/spelled, learnt/learned and dreamt/dreamed
  • Stationary and stationery
  • Substitute for/with
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