Communication Lab 5: separated by a common language

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32 minutes

Listen now to the latest programme, featuring linguistics expert Dr Lynne Murphy talking about the differences between UK and US English.

Further reading

Hear something you want to know more about? Here are some useful links.

Check out Lynne’s excellent blog Separated by a Common Language (and here’s how to spell ‘woa/whoa/woah’). You can also follow Lynne on Twitter @lynneguist.

Our post on giraffe bread tells how the tiger changed its stripes.

Rob got five, Lynne got seven – see how well you do in our new dictionary words quiz.

Meet the mucus troopers and the adultescents in Collins’ 2004 attempt to create a Living Dictionary.

If you too think that there’s a lot to be said for learning a word a day, try following @wordoftheday on Twitter.

Finally, if you’d like to keep track of those pesky Britishisms in American English, see Ben Yagoda’s blog Not One-Off Britishisms.

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