Homonyms quiz

homonyms-quiz0Homonyms are words that are pronounced or spelt in the same way but have different meanings – there and their, for example.

This ten-question quiz will test you on some of the most commonly confused homonyms. How well do you know your allusions from your illusions and your pails from your pales?

After you’ve answered the questions and been given your score, an explanation of each pair of homonyms will appear. Good luck!

He gives the ____ of knowing exactly what needs doing, but I wonder if he really does.  

Could you ____ with me for ten minutes? I’m just running a little late.  

Is everyone here? Do we have a full ____?  

I’d appreciate it if you could be ____ about this; we’re keeping it quiet until the details are finalised.  

Our guest speaker this week is the ____ Dr Greggs.  

The project is now in ____ fourth week, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a catch up.  

We felt his comments were beyond the ____ and hope he plans to issue an apology.  

Our ____ concern is that the project may not be completed before the June deadline.  

We’ll give you free ____ regarding design and pictures.  

Can we arrange to have some branded ____ made?  

How did you do? Let us know by popping a comment in the box below.


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