How to use apostrophes: an audio guide

Apostrophes are the Marmite of punctuation marks: you either love them or hate them. But if you are one of the many for whom they arouse only feelings of distaste and confusion, perhaps we can set you straight. Go on. It’ll only take four minutes.

Listen to our apostrophe audio tips and you’ll hear distinguished trainer Kathy Gemmell on Brighton’s St James’s Street explaining how to use the pesky little dangler. The interview includes:

•      why the apostrophe can be so hard to get to grips with

•      when to omit the extra ‘s’ with possessive apostrophes

•      where the so-called ‘greengrocer’s apostrophe’ sprang from

•      how to know when ‘its’ should have an apostrophe

•      whether Birmingham councillors were right to remove apostrophes from their street signs.

You could learn to love this punctuation mark too. Join us …

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