Emphasis named top-20 learning provider

Emphasis named top-20 learning providerTraining is only worthwhile if it works. It needs to do far more than simply let you tick a box.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) has named us one of the top 20 highest-performing learning providers in its latest report.

Since 1995, the LPI has been evaluating, consulting on and promoting training that makes a real, demonstrable difference for individuals and organisations. Like us, it prioritises outcomes: no matter how good the delivery, it’s the results that matter.

The best of the best

When we gained LPI accreditation last year, we joined the ranks of learning providers including Pitney Bowes, SAS and Ricoh – organisations deemed to be continuously raising both learning standards and performance outcomes.

The top-20 report goes a step further, highlighting those accredited providers who scored highest against the LPI’s key performance indicators – which range from client integrity to consultancy, and from live learning to quality management. The resulting list represents those organisations that clients can trust to match their offering to individuals’ needs and the organisation’s strategy.

And the top performers had to do more than prove the quality of what they deliver – they had to guarantee the best user experience for prospective and existing clients too. This makes us, as LPI CEO Edmund Monk puts it, ‘trusted business partners, acting always in the best interests of their clients’.

Your results are our reward

Of course – as with any good acceptance speech – even as we grasp the award to our chests and beam with pride, we have to acknowledge we couldn’t have done it alone. Our training works because you do. So we want to thank every client and delegate who took it upon themselves to embrace the techniques we teach and put everything they learned into practice.

As our CEO Rob Ashton puts it, ‘Every one of the 50,000 people we’ve helped down the years has been a critical part of our success. Enabling them to achieve the results they deserve through better written communication continues to be its own reward.’

See you at Learning Live in September

And because we plan to continue to spread the good word about training that works, we’ll be exhibiting at the LPI’s Learning Live event on 5 and 6 September this year. If you’re going to be there, drop us a line to let us know or come and see us at our stand. We look forward to joining you as part of an event that explores practical solutions to the challenges people like you and your team face in the workplace today.

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